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Sumps Pumps Installation and Maintenance, New York City, NY

repairing of the pumps

A sump pump is typically a specialized appliance designed for pumping water out of a basement or crawl space, especially in areas where flooding is possible. Frequently, homeowners are most familiar with sump pumps as a preventative measure for preventing basement floods in case of extreme weather, high water levels in low-lying zones, or other legitimate reasons. Sump pumps are typically required to be installed by a building owner when the property is built. If you're interested in having your sump pump installed, our team can help you. 

As mentioned above, sump pumps are typically required to be installed by a building owner when the property is constructed. If you're wondering when the required installation should occur - according to the rules of the US National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the installation of sump pumps should be performed "as soon as practical." The NFPA states that it's important to install the device "as quickly as reasonably possible" once foundation footings and walls have been installed. They also recommend the installation of the units "as close to the floor level as is feasible."

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    Sump pumps are one of the most important aspects to ensuring your basement stays in tip-top condition. It is, however, one of the elements that gets the least attention among our clients. Well until something goes wrong with it. It is a crucial component to have, especially for those homes that may have foundations that are below the water table. No matter what solution you may require, at New York City Foundation Repair we have just the right sump pump solution to suit your every need. So have a look below and give us a call once you are satisfied we are the right people for the job.

    What Do They Do?

    Sump pumps are crucial to ensuring your basement always stays bone dry and is not affected by moisture build-up. They are used to remove any excess water which may have accumulated in your sump basin over time. They are the perfect solution for those clients who regularly experience a flooded basement. With our wide range of submersible and pedestal sump pumps, we can assure both our residential and commercial clients that we have the perfect solution for them.  Now pick up the phone and let's get your sorted today, the New York way.

    Pedestal Pumps

    Pedestal sump pumps are a fan favorite when it comes to our commercial clients. This is mainly since they want it to do a job and do not really worry about how the pump looks in their basement area. The reason for this is the motor on a pedestal pump is mounted above the sump itself. This allows our clients an ease of access that a submersible pump can just not offer. This in turn makes it much easier for us to carry out routine maintenance when needed. To find out more, call us today.

    Submersible Pumps

    This sump pump is installed in a much different way than the pedestal solution. This pumping solution is mounted entirely inside the sump. It is sealed to protect water damaging any of the interior electrical components. This solution however is better suited to our residential clients who are looking for a cleaner, neater sump pump solution. It also costs a bit more but can handle most household abuse. Now to find out more, pick up your phone and give us a call today. Our expert staff is ready and waiting to provide you with a range of unique sump pump solutions.


    In order to properly and safely install sump pumps near me, you may need to seek professional help from an expert foundation repair company. Or do it yourself if you have some experience and knowledge in installing one. The primary factors that contribute to the proper functioning of this type of equipment include the presence of adequate outside access points, a properly drained sewer or drainage system, a high enough floor level, and a proper level of surrounding foliage and soil. There are ways to help protect your homes from water and flood intrusion. 

    Outside access points are necessary for sump pumps to properly discharge excess water into the crawl space. Unlike many modern sump pump systems, old sump pumps will likely be located in a gutter system. Today, most sump pumps use a float switch to allow access to the area. If the float switch is damaged or disabled, however, it is possible to access the water drain via a hole in the floor. 

    In older properties, the location of the sump pumps may not be accurately determined. A pressure sensor or an electronic timer may be used in order to determine the correct water level. Both of these items are monitored by sump pumps. If either device malfunctions, the pump must be reseted. For this reason, many modern pumps that we have today incorporate both a pressure sensor and an electronic timer. 

    With the amount of work these components can get through, it is crucially important to ensure that they are running efficiently. Our general rule of thumb when it comes to sump pump maintenance is to get us out at least once every 6 months. You are more than welcome to inspect it more often than that to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary, but when it comes to major servicing or maintenance issues it's best to seek help from the best foundation repair professionals in New York City. Contact us today for your sump pump installation and other foundation repair needs.