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French Drain Repair and Installation New York City, New York

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Clogged drains or broken pipes are definitely distressing but it doesn’t have to be by installing French drains. These drains carry excess sewage that usually goes unnoticed until they are clogged with more waste. If you notice a problem with your sewer drain, your immediate option is to call a professional plumber. However, if you need a more long-term and efficient solution, installing French drains is one of the best and most effective methods to resolve your foundation problems. 

A well-maintained and properly insulated foundation can help reduce the amount of water flowing through it, and this will minimize the potential problem of water intrusion and flooding. A properly functioning French drain will redirect water away from structures, thereby eliminating stagnant water and increasing the chances of minimal flooding occurring within buildings. When you need a reliable drainage installation or repair, contact a local plumber to complete the job properly. 

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    Methods to Safely Install French Drains

    There are several methods on how to safely install French drains. Some of these include using water directly on the structure, installing French drains on the surface of the walls, using a cable or pipe system to install the drains, or installing French drains internally. If you choose to install the drains in an area where there is no existing pipe system, you should first have the sewer lines replaced to create a flat surface for the new drains to install on. The size of the holes that are excavated will depend on the specific type of drain that you install. Before getting started, make sure to consult someone who is an expert in French drain installation near me or better yet, hire a foundation repair professional to efficiently do the job for you. Less mistakes, less worries.


    Internal Installation of French Drains 

    One way to perform a French drain repair is by installing it inside the wall where it can run parallel to the floor. However, if the French drain is located outside of the wall, it is most common to install it inside the retaining wall. In this case, make sure that you install the pipe inside the wall and not through the retaining wall. It would be extremely difficult to install the new drain inside the wall if you had created a hole in the retaining wall. 


    External Installation of French Drains

    Another option is to install the French drains outside of the home. This is done by hiring professional flood restoration services. A qualified technician will carefully survey your property to locate the most appropriate location for the French drain repair. Once the technician has located the most ideal location, he or she will make the necessary measurements for the new installation, as well as confirm that the new location will not be negatively affected by any existing water problems. 


    DIY French Drain Repairs? Don't! Here's Why...

    Some property owners prefer to do the French drain repair themselves. Unfortunately, doing the French drain installation by yourself is not advised. For one thing, improper installation of French drains can result to further damage. Second, the skill and experience that is required to locate leaks or incorrectly installed drains are not the same as the skill and experience that is needed to install the modern French drain systems. 

    Another reason why professionals are better at French drain repair than you might think is that they are able to use high-quality equipment. The equipment used by foundation repair professionals near me is specifically designed to make sure that the drain system is installed properly and safely. That way, excessive surface water away from the house is never going to be a problem. Many expert drainage and plumbing experts also use specialized tools like camera systems that can capture images of the inside of French drains, so that it is easier to determine where any water damage is occurring. 


    Call a Foundation Repair Professional

    If you have any trouble on how to install French drains safely, it is best to call in a professional French drain repair company. While most basement waterproofing products appear to be reasonably priced, you might be surprised to learn that the prices vary quite a bit. Even when you buy the cheapest French drains that are available, you could still be charged more than you would pay for something that is less expensive. It is therefore important that you shop around for the best price. 

    You may be tempted to try to install the French drains on your own, but it is a much better idea to hire someone who has experience with French drains. It is much harder to cut corners when it comes to your basement waterproofing project. Even if you install a system that seems to be working initially, it is a good idea to have someone inspect it periodically for continued water resistance and to make any necessary repairs. After all, you never know when foundation problems will arise.