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Piers & Beams Installation New York City, New York

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Foundation piers and beams are commonly used by contractors to install the bases of commercial buildings. They are one of the most commonly used foundations, apart from the concrete ones. In case you do not know, the foundation supports the entire structure and makes sure that the building remains stable. The structure is then supported by several concrete pipes that are fitted around the foundation. In addition, a layer of pressure is applied to the foundation to make sure that it does not move out of place. 

If there are foundations that are less than 15 feet long, they will usually use steel piers. However, there are instances when the foundations which are longer are required. In such cases, concrete piers are used as well.

Installing piers and beams helps support the weight of your home. The slabs created using this technique usually consist of brink, stone, concrete piers, and wooden beams which all work together to provide you with the perfect solution when it comes to supporting your home. This technique should not be confused with slab foundations that makes direct contact with the ground. Whereas pier and beam foundations are traditionally elevated. If you want to know more, contact us today. We can assure you that we have the perfect solution no matter what.

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    Piers & Beams Installation Cost

    While we always endeavor to provide our clients with the perfect pier and beam solution, we do always ask them to keep in mind that the cost depends on the size of the job and what needs to do. These two major aspects will have the biggest effect on the overall cost of the job. While we always strive to offer our clients the most cost-effective solutions, a professionally completed pier and beam job can set you back a pretty sum. Fortunately, we always make sure our clients get nothing less than value for their money. We guarantee our client's ultimate satisfaction and continue to do so.

    How Deep Are They?

    This solution actually never touches the foundation directly. This solution usually stands up to 20 inches off the ground. This creates a crawl space that can be used as easy access to all your plumbing and HVAC pipes and connections. While a slab foundation solution does have its own advantages, pier and beam construction near me can help elevate your home and provide an extra layer of protection. If you have any more questions or queries regarding this service, please do not hesitate to contact us right away. Our friendly team will gladly help you and provide you with a free quote.

    Are They Any Good?

    One of the most important aspects of foundation piers is their longevity. Usually, the lifespan is between 20 and 30 years depending on the type and the quality of the steel pilings used. The basic structure includes steel piers which are supported by concrete pilings. Concrete pilings are frequently used as they are highly durable and highly resilient.

    Pier and beam systems can create a very stable foundation for your home. In fact, in certain situations, they are the preferred method of securing our client's foundations. Unfortunately, as with most things in life, they do suffer from wear and tear. However, they are much easier to repair and much less expensive than a concrete slab solution. Add to this the fact that it is a lot easier to install, repair, and maintain, and you will quickly understand why it is such a popular solution among our clients both residential and commercial.

    Is Piers & Beams Installation A Permanent Solution?

    Piers and beams installation is definitely a permanent solution to many foundation issues. It is used on multiple structures such as manufactured, mobile, and modular homes. These are just a few examples of homes that can be supported by pier and beam foundations. Since piers can be made from multiple materials, such as stacking concrete blocks, it is clear they are a permanent foundation solution.

    Moreover, concrete piers are more commonly used since they are cost-effective. The steel piers are more widely used as they can be conveniently installed without any hassle. However, some homeowners prefer to use the steel piers due to the fear of damaging the concrete piers. However, this issue is not frequent used especially in small structures.

    Contact our team for our piers and beams services and let's start the process of ensuring your foundations are secure. Whatever your foundation repair needs are, we've got it covered at New York City Foundation Repair.