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Crawl Spaces Repair in New York City, New York

installing plasterboard for making gypsum walls

Crawl spaces are unoccupied, unfinished narrow space which is usually found between the foundation and first floor. Similar to basements but only it's less costly and less fancy. While this space may seem abandoned and of little use, if neglected, it can also affect the rest of the foundation of your home or property.

Extreme natural calamities such as a hurricane, tornado, blizzard, rainstorm, etc., can cause water intrusion which can damage poorly-maintained crawl spaces and the foundation of your home. Water intrusion may occur due to seepage from the roof, floor joists, slab floor, plumbing drain, and so on. Seepage can be very serious if it occurs close to the foundation. It can cause subsidence, causing the ceiling to bow, walls to buckle, and so on. 

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    Most basement foundation problems can be prevented with basic maintenance. Regular inspection and clean-up activities like removing tree roots, cleaning gutters, and installing anti-leakage covers are a good start. However, a severe weather event may occur that causes water to penetrate the floor joists, slab floor, and so on. Insulating crawl spaces near me is one effective method to prevent flooding and water from ruining your home’s foundation.

    Some homeowners may attempt to repair crawl spaces or fix cracks themselves except for major damages or problems. Foundation and crawl space repairs are our expertise. We have the right equipment to efficiently and safely repair crawl spaces and foundations of your home or building. 

    Crawl Spaces vs Basement

    Not all buildings or houses are designed and build with basements. It may be impractical or too costly for some reasons. This is why less expensive crawl spaces are built. It is also a great idea if one needs easier access for inspections and general maintenance to the foundation of your home or property.

    How much exactly is the cost to repair crawl spaces? The average cost of crawl space repair near me is about $2,500 to more than $8,500 depending on the size of the space. Common repairs include repairing the foundation, installing new structural steel beams, cleaning up damp water, repairing damaged vapor barriers, or reinstalling the vapor barrier membrane. Further inspection may be necessary for major leaks and cracks which can increase the overall cost of the repair.

    Unlike crawl spaces, some basement foundations are often costly to repair depending on the damage or problem. In many cases, what happens usually is that the damage will go unnoticed until the problem escalates. The only way to avoid such costly repairs is by having a well-insulated crawl space. Moreover, even if there is only minor damage to the foundation, it is often not covered by home insurance. Therefore, it is essential for homeowners to take up crawl space insulation as soon as possible, in order to minimize the costs incurred due to repairs. 

    Good Idea? Bad Idea?

    This is a common question we get from our clients. The simple fact is that it all depends on how much attention you pay to your crawl space. Should your space be dirty and damp, you will quickly start to experience a range of issues. The most common and sometimes dangerous of these would be mold. To make sure this doesn't happen, our experts will install a moisture barrier to ensure this does not happen. This is just one of the unique solutions we have developed to ensure your crawl space is always looking and smelling its best.

    Crawl Space Vs Concrete Slabs

    Both of these options offer a range of advantages and disadvantages. Crawl space foundations are usually best suited to dryer climates since moisture tends to accumulate there. They are also preferred in areas where floods may regularly occur. Concrete slabs however are ideal for wetter climates, but not those that may flood often. While both offer a few more advantages, we encourage you to give us a call today. Our experts will direct you towards the perfect solution to suit your specific crawl space or foundation needs. We promise you will not find a better solution anywhere else in New York City.

    Hiding Those Cables And Pipes

    These spaces are the perfect places to hide cables and wires that run throughout your home. They also provide the perfect space to hide your plumbing. Added to this, a crawl space provides easy access so that you can more easily service your plumbing or any electrical faults. This will ensure that all these aspects are always running at their best and giving you optimal solutions. Keeping up a diligent crawl space maintenance routine will enhance the lifespan of your homes or property.