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Foundational Cracks Repair in New York City, New York

fixing of the cracks

Many foundational cracks and problems can go unnoticed and neglected until it gets worse. Water may start to leak from the foundation, moisture issues and mold growth may affect the overall indoor quality, etc. While some minor issues can be neglected for a while, it still requires immediate attention and shouldn’t be neglected. Some clear signs are discolored spots on the walls which can be quickly fixed.

Should you notice any cracks on the wall and foundation or any early signs of foundation problems, call us right away. We have a range of foundation repair solutions near me to protect your homes and property against damages from foundation cracks, basement cracks, etc. 

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    When To Worry

    As mentioned above, cracking is not unusual when it comes to your foundation. In fact, we expect them. The problem however arises when these cracks start to widen. This is usually a sign of much trouble and much worse is to come if you do not call us to attend to it right away. Any crack that appears wider than half an inch should cause a sense of alarm. Should these cracks appear on the bed joints, there should be a massive cause for concern. This could signal a major defect and needs to be attended to immediately.

    Horizontal vs Vertical Foundation Cracks

    These are by far and above one of the most dangerous cracks, one foundation can experience. Each is caused by different forces. Vertical cracks are not the real enemy as they usually appear due to the settling process your foundation goes through. The real worry is the appearance of any horizontal cracks. These are caused by soil pressure. This is the force of the earth pushing against the walls and foundations of your home. This is exacerbated in areas with high moisture content.  To learn more, give us a short call today and we'll discuss the available options for you.

    Foundational Cracks Causes

    While we covered the most common cause of foundation cracking, settling, and soil pressure, there are a few more reasons that causes foundation cracks and leaks. Some includes earthquakes which is the most common reason. These can cause flooding and untold damages. One also needs to worry about pipes bursting and extreme shifts in the climate. This all adds extra pressure to the foundation. Luckily for you, we have a range of foundation crack repair near me solutions to ensure your house or property can stand up against potential damages of flooding, water intrusion, earthquake, etc.

    Structural Cracks

    Nobody ever wants to hear the phrase " Your foundation is cracking and its causing structural issues". This is enough to send a chill down anyone's spine. These problems are usually caused by a range of issues. The most common of which are poor construction techniques, overloading, and swollen soil. Some of the characteristics of structural cracks are continuous horizontal cracking, cracks in beams, cracks wider than 1/8th of an inch, and finally angled cracks. None of these should be taken lightly at all. So before they get worse, contact us today and let's fix your foundation crack repair needs and we'll help you decide the right foundation repair options for your home.


    Slabjacking is another foundation repair technique that uses beams and ladders to create spaces between slabs. The purpose of flapjacks is to create an interior space without disturbing the exterior. A contractor may choose between drilling through the ground or using skid steer trucks to perform this task. Most contractors also utilize heavy duty cranes for this task. 

    When using flapjacks for foundation repair, the holes made are just big enough for an experienced contractor. To perform slabjacking, the contractor must first prepare the ground by removing the topmost layer of dirt. Then, the ground is leveled and the soil excavated with a small shovel. Once the dirt has been excavated, it is passed through a sander and then sprayed with seed dressing. After spraying, the soil is packed with crushed stone or bricks and compacted with medium grade rock to create a tight seal. 

    Helical Piers Foundation Repair

    In helical piers foundation repair, pipes and cables are placed inside the space between slabs. Pipes and cables are inserted through holes that have been created in the ground. Once the pipes and cables are installed, the holes are lined up with helical piers. The contractor then drives large helical piers into the ground, making sure that the helical piers are buried deep enough to remain in place when pressure is applied to them from underneath. Once the helical piers are positioned, the foundation repair technician will begin installing the pipes and cables.

    After installing the pipe and cable, the technician then installs the grout between the two slabs. The grout then is put into place using a special trowel and then spread using mortar. Foundation repair professionals near me use hydraulic hammers to spread the mortar and then remove it once it has fully dried. Once the mortar has dried, it is time for the grout to be sealed with grout bags and polyethylene plastic sheets. After the grout bags have dried and the plastic has hardened, the repair crew can begin sealing the gaps underneath the slab using cement boards.