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Foundation Repair in New York City, New York

repairing of the foundation of basement

While we are sure most of you have heard the term " foundation repair", many still neglects the importance of foundation repair and how crucial it is for their homes or property. The need for this service usually arises when damages happen and more costly solutions are required. This is especially true when the core structure of the building or home becomes damaged or the concrete looks distressed.

Basically, foundation repair near me involves correcting or maintaining the physical structure of a structure or foundation. There are many reasons why foundation problems happen and why foundation repair is necessary such as poor construction of the property or lack of regular maintenance. In some cases, elements such as soil, water, and ground conditions can actually cause major foundation damage. Poor foundation maintenance can result in structural damage, which is less severe but still very real. When it comes to foundation problems, our qualified foundation repair company is one of the most trusted in New York City. 

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    For example, take a look at what can happen to your home if you have only minor damages to a foundation. Suppose your home is built using poured concrete on your main floor, basement, and garage. The garage is built on a slab that was poured several years ago when the concrete was just starting to break down. If you had severe weather, perhaps a hurricane, and the concrete slips, falls, and shifts, this could lead to the whole structure coming toppling down on top of someone. This is exactly why you need a qualified contractor for foundation repairs. 

    Why Foundation Repair is Necessary

    There is usually a range of signs that one can look out for when checking for foundation damage. Your first sign would be cracking on both the walls of your basement and the floors. One then needs to check if your foundation is sinking or settling. This can be done by opening and closing your basement door. If it struggles, you may have a problem. Lastly one of the most obvious issues would be an uneven floor. To find out more about what you need to look out for, pick up the phone and give us a call today.

    What To Expect

    The most important thing for our clients to remember is that just because we have repaired it, does not mean the cracks that were there previously will magically disappear. The best advice we can give our clients is to have patience. Wait a few weeks for the repair to settle and check if there have been any changes to cracks we attended to during the repair job. Also, check if any new cracks have developed. Once the foundation has settled, we can quickly pop around to fill in any leftover cracks. See, it's a lot easier than it seems.

    Slab Jacking

    This is an extremely specialized technique when it comes to repairing any piece of a sunken concrete slab which forms part of your foundation. We basically pump a secret substance through the concrete which in essence lifts the slab. The reason this is by far the most popular option is its cost-effectiveness, timeliness, and aesthetic appeal. If you want to find out if it's the right option, you may give our team a short call today and we'll discuss your concerns and needs. We can help fix and repair your foundation near me concerns.

    Foundation Damage Effects

    A shoddy or damaged foundation can have many detrimental effects on the overall state of your home or business. First, it can cause major damage to the overall infrastructure of your home or building. This will lead to an overall loss in value when it comes to the real estate context. One will also experience equipment faults and cracks throughout your home or business. Simply put, is is extremely dangerous to inhabit an unsafe structure such as this. So rather than being sorry, contact us today, and let's help safeguard your precious investment. We promise it's one of the best decision you will ever make.